Clojure Books

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Clojure Books

Here's a list of Clojure books. Of these, so far i've only read one, by Luke VanderHart, Stuart Sierra.

Practical Clojure  Luke VanderHart
Practical Clojure By Luke VanderHart, Stuart Sierra. amazon

Practical Clojure By Luke VanderHart, Stuart Sierra, is a excellent clojure book, Xah style.

The following i haven't read yet.

Clojure Programming  Chas Emerick
Clojure Programming by Chas Emerick. amazon
Joy Of Clojure  Michael Fogus
The Joy of Clojure, By Michael Fogus, Chris Houser. 〔amazon
Programming Clojure  Stuart Halloway
Programming Clojure by Stuart Halloway, Aaron Bedra. amazon
Clojure In Action  Amit Rathore
Clojure in Action By Amit Rathore. amazon

Programing Language Tutorial, Xah Style

Programing Language Tutorial & Documentation Styles

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