Golang vs Rust

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Why Golang is Better Than Rust

golang vs rust 2022-12-27 6kNdY
golang vs rust 2022-12-27 6kNdY

This is exactly, the types of coder, i despise. First of all, note that, u can master the entirety of go lang, in 1 week, if u r a professional coder with experience. Rust, is 5 or 10 times more complex. It also means, given equal learning time, the programer with rust, will have more bugs.

But now, let's assume, A has 3 years coding go, B has 5 years coding rust. Now, given a big project X, which programer, will have more bugs? I would say, for certainty, rust coder, will have at least twice as many bugs.

These memory obsessive type of coders, C, C++, Rust, they NEVER, consider the whole picture. But just diddling with their mem speed and stuff. Much like unix and linux people. They are, tech nerds, in particular, a specific type that narrowly obsesses about the CPU and memory hardware. They are GOOD at that. But ignore, everything else. SPEED, is the concern of these class of nerds. They have a horse blinder on their eyes. They are inherently incapable, of seeing anything else.

Thus, they create tech that is extremely complex. Such as unix C C++ rust git. That creates a vast industry of tutorials, faq, helpers, guides, checker tools, idioms, etc. And creates a vast industry of bug database, bug report tools, profiler, memory leaking tool, companies, etc. To support their idea, that they are FAST.

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