Emacs: ido mode in emacs 27

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Note: if you are using emacs 28, you do not need ido-mode. Use fido-vertical-mode instead. The following page describe ido in emacs version 27.

ido-mode enhances emacs switch buffer command and opening file command. It automatically show list of choices as you type (no need to press Tab first).

Alt + x ido-mode
Toggle it on/off. ido-mode enhances emacs switch buffer command and opening file command.
Alt + x ido-switch-bufferCtrl + x b
Switch buffer.
Alt + x ido-find-fileCtrl + x Ctrl + f
Open file.
emacs ido mode 2021-07-20
Emacs ido-switch-buffer.

Ido Keys

When ido-switch-buffer is called, it prompt for a choice of buffer name.

Here's the most useful ido keys when in the prompt:

or Ctrl + s
next choice.
or Ctrl + r
previous choice.
Go to the buffer you switched to last time. for next.
Use the first choice.
Ctrl + f
Stop suggestion. Useful for creating new file. Ctrl + b to go back to buffer selection mode.
Ctrl + d
Switch to open directory mode.
Ctrl + g

Ido Mode Setup

Emacs: Ido Mode Setup

History of Ido Mode

ido is written by Kim F Storm. Ido started in 1996. Kim is also author of cua-mode. (cua started in 1997) Kim's home page is http://www.cua.dk/index.html

Ido became part of emacs 22 (released in 2007).

ido is based on iswitchb-mode by Stephen Eglen. iswitchb started in 1996. Stephen's home page is http://sje30.github.io/ . Stephen's emacs page http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/sje30/emacs/

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