Emacs: Where to get JavaScript, Visual Basic, PHP modes?

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Note: this page is outdated. See instead: Emacs: Install Package with ELPA/MELPA.

This page tells you where to get emacs modes for popular languages. These modes i personally use and recommend. It might save you hours digging into the web to find out which one works, which are better, etc.

If you are using ErgoEmacs distribution, all of the following are bundled and setup by default.

Packages that have been bundled with emacs 23.2 won't be listed on this page.

Useful Emacs Packages

Programing Language Modes

Coding Helpers


English Writing

Where To Get Emacs Packages

Best way to find emacs packages is by emacswiki.org or google search.

How To Install Packages

Emacs Init: How to Install Package Manually.