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Web Browser Rendering Behavior: Image Border Inside Link

MegaUpload Crime Boss

update: Google and Wikipedia SOPA Blackout = Lip Service!

Do Not Donate to Wikipedia

A Introduction to the #SEO Sphere

“Hitler Hears About Google Search Plus Your World”

Now, if you are not in the SEO community, you won't understand how funny this is. Every name mentioned in this video is a SEO bigwig. For those of you outsiders, at least you get a glimpse of how contentious the SEO sphere is... every movements, every droppings from web dignitaries... but the issue isn't that complex really. It all came back down to something we all understand: $$$.

via +Robert Scoble

Machine Generated Spam

To SOPA or Not to SOPA? Stop Online Piracy Act

Where Do Spammers Came From

New index page of articles: Web Tech Gossip Articles .

Why I'm Removing Tech Blogger Celebrities and Googler on Google Plus

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