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Google HTML/CSS Style Guide: Good Style or Bad Taste?

Linkedin Spam Filter Collateral Damage

Konqueror Browser Sucks

I ranted about Web Design: Grey Text on White Background. And now discovered there's a site dedicated to this.

[contrast rebellion By Zoltán Gócza, Richard Gazdik. At http://contrastrebellion.com/ , accessed on 2013-01-22 ]

(thx to [ Mikay Gao ] [ 2013-01-22 https://twitter.com/imikay ])

btw, i remember reading more than one blog, by supposedly design gurus, who tell us that we should use low-contrast, because, they say, in nature nothing is in high-contrast. LOL.

this is like, Is XML Inferior Version of Lisp Syntax?

Unicode Icons for Food and Drink

Unicode Icons: Food, Drink

On my Microsoft Windows 7 machine, only Firefox display them well (missing just 2 characters).

All other browsers, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9, got nothing.

I do have Unicode 6 fonts installed (Symbola, Segoe UI Symbol). Somehow these browsers are not picking it up. [see Best Unicode Fonts for Programer] [see Unicode 6 Emoticons and Supporting Fonts]

On Linux, default setup of Ubuntu 12.04, none of them shows up in Firefox.

What is your experience? (tell me your OS, browser, their versions, and whether you have installed special fonts yourself.)

Needs to be said again: UI Design: Peepshow Windows

Needs to be said again: Web Design: Grey Text on White Background