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Array.prototype.find (new in ES2015)

Array.prototype.fill (new in ES2015)

Function.prototype (updated for ES2015)

Array How-To (updated)

Math. Updated for ES2015. Added 15 new functions.

Firefox, a Dying Breed

browser stat 2017 01 30
web browser stat 2017-01-30. Firefox, a dying breed.

JavaScript old rant on Socket.IO. Got a comment, looks like nothing changed. probably nobody's using it today. Where is Socket.IO Client Library At?

String is 16 Bits Unit Sequence (expanded)

Check Property Existence (updated for ES2015)

JavaScript Spec, Term “instance” is Not Defined

JavaScript oddity! is length a property of String.prototype?

in JavaScript ES2015 spec, it sometimes distinguish properties of prototype and properties of instance.

For example, for String.prototype, it doesn't list length as one of its property, but it is listed as a property in a separate section of “string instance”.

see ECMAScript 2015 §Text Processing#sec-properties-of-string-instances-length

however, in code, if you list properties of String.prototype, "length" is there.

console.log( String.prototype.hasOwnProperty ( "length" ) ); // true

console.log( Reflect.ownKeys ( String.prototype ) );
// has length

what gives?

String Constructor (new page)

new pages.

new pages.

Iterable (new)

Interface (new)

[A Brief History of JavaScript By Sebastián Peyrott. At https://auth0.com/blog/a-brief-history-of-javascript/ , accessed on 2017-01-18 ]

JavaScript creator on JavaScript history. [Popularity By Brendan Eich. At https://brendaneich.com/2008/04/popularity/ , accessed on 2017-01-18 ]

one of the most annoying thing about css is that there's no way to control size of font across browsers, unless you download web font.

[see Meaning of Font Size]