Web Design: Serif or Sans? Fixed Layout or Flow?

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

sometimes it pays to look at web design of popular sites.

here's top few most popular publishers in USA:

Serif or Sans Serif?

for body text:

world's top 500 sites are still mostly sans-serif. For example, google, facebook, youtube, baidu, yahoo, amazon, twitter, ebay, pinterest, reddit, etc.

for title text:

It's commonly thought that serif is more readable. However, if you do research, you'll find that scientific evidence are inconclusive.

Fixed Layout or Flow?

the New York Times uses a fixed design. That is, if you change window size, and when your window width is smaller than 1000px, then, text will disappear, you'll need to scroll horizontally.

{Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times}, they are all “responsive design”. The layout reflows even when your window width is like a cell phone sized.

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Text Logo Image or Text?

some of the journals, has complex gothic font as their logo, like


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so, do they design their own? or use Google Webfont, or use image, or SVG?

so that means, SVG is now mature.

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