Practical SVG Tutorial

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

This tutorial is simple, practical, example based. In 1 hour, you will understand the basic structure of SVG and can start to use JavaScript to create SVG.

SVG 1.1

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SVG tutorial

  1. SVG Basics
  2. Path
  3. Path Elliptical Arc
  4. Specifying Styles
  5. Shape Styles
  6. Viewport
  7. viewBox
  8. Coordinate Transformation
  9. Text Element
  10. Font Size
  11. Structure Elements
  12. Scripting SVG
  13. SVG Clock
  14. Animation

Canvas Intro

  1. Canvas vs SVG
  2. Canvas intro
  3. Demo: Halma
  4. Demo: Raycaster