Glove80 Backlight

By Xah Lee. Date: .

It's full RGB. you can turn it off or set it to white light by changing the saturation.

glove80 20230206 277-s34
Backlight brightest setting
glove80 20230206 658-s34
Backlight with low brightness setting

Backlight Keys

Turn on backlight
press MoErgo+t
Change hue
press MoErgo+e or MoErgo+d
Change brightness
press MoErgo+r or MoErgo+f
Change saturation
press MoErgo+w or MoErgo+s
Turn on flashing effect
press MoErgo+g
Change flash speed
press MoErgo+q for faster, MoErgo+a for slower
glove80 backlight keys 2023-02-06 3jC6x
glove80 backlight keys 2023-02-06 Adjust speed, saturation, hue, brightness.
glove80 backlight rainbow effect

Glove80 Keyboard