Glove80 Bluetooth Connection

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Show Bluetooth Connection Status

Press the MoErgo key. (lower left key on left-hand-side)

glove80 status 202301 NXryC
Glove80 Status Lights
glove80 lights 2023-11-06 b6zpc
glove80 lights 2023-11-06 b6zpc

The 4 keys on the left of thumb indicates 4 Bluetooth profiles:

 Shift Control Layer
Bksp Delete Alt

The Alt indicate USB wired connection.

glove80 bluetooth keys 2023-01
glove80 bluetooth left thumb keys 2023-01

Color meaning:

Connecting to Bluetooth

you can connect up to 4 bluetooth devices.

To connect:

Reset Bluetooth

Glove80 Keyboard