Glove80 Keyboard

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Glove80 Keyboard is announced in 2022-02, on kickstarter. From MoErgo.


Excellent. Also wireless.

Glove80 keyboard DrpxB-s1200
Glove80 keyboard cNH2V-s1100
removable palm rest.
Glove80 Vyv9
Glove80 Wireless Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard Typing Test
Dec 22, 2021
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Key Switch Used

key switch is

kailh choc switch 7n3wg-s250
Kailh Choc Switch

Firmware Used

firmware used is the open source zmk.

Where to Buy

[The Ergonomic Design of Glove80 Split Contoured Keyboard By Moergo. At ]

Glove80 Keyboard 2022-02

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