Glove80 Keyboard

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Glove80 Keyboard is announced in 2022-02, on kickstarter. From a startup company MoErgo. First batch came out in 2022-12.

glove80 keyboard 20230122 bgwqR-s35
press the lower left corner key (the magic key). The 2 green rows shows battery status.
glove80 20230129 wPNhG-s1100
glove80 battle station 20230129 wPNhG 4032×3024

Quick Start

(if the right side battery is low, just plug-in the USB to the right part to charge it first. To check battery status, press the lower left corner key on the left part, then, 2 rows of lights indicate battery status. The top row is left part, the bottom row is right part.)

Video Review

Xah Talk Show 2023-01-29 Glove80 Keyboard Review

What is in the Box?

USB Port and Power

glove80 USB port 20230127
glove80 USB port

Show Bluetooth Connection Status and Connecting to Bluetooth

Wired Use

Plug in the left side, to activate wired mode.

In wired mode, you do not need bluetooth capable computer.


Show Battery Status

To show battery status, press the lower left corner key on left part.

glove80 status lights 20230127 4522-s1000
glove80 status lights 20230127 4522-s1000 4032×3024

Battery Life

How to Charge Battery

You do not need to charge both at the same time. You can leave the cable plugged-in on the left part. When plugged in, the keyboard is in wired mode. When fully charged, you can plug the cable to the right part.

The Magic (MoErgo logo) Key

The lower left corner key with the MoErgo logo is the “magic” key. It is a key for selecting bluetooth device and show battery status, and other keyboard config.

glove80 magic key 20230127 FjkDc-s1000
glove80 magic key 4032×3024

Concave Key-Surface

The keys form a overall concave bowl-shaped surface, so that your fingers dip onto the keys. No bending up the wrist, and each key fits different lengths of fingers.

How Long Does it Take to Adopt?

glove80 kbd 20230119 left 182-s70
Contoured keywell, fits different finger lengths. 20230119 left 182
glove80 kbd 20230119 896-s70
glove80 20230119 896

Thumb keys

The thumb keys, fixed many problems of traditional keyboard.

Thumbs are the most muscular and most flexible fingers, and all the modifier keys such as Ctrl Alt ❖ Window ⌘ command are now right under your thumbs. Also, the Backspace is right there, one of the most frequently used key.

glove80 kbd 20230119 l thumbs 308-s67
glove80 kbd 20230119 l thumbs 308
glove80 kbd 20230119 right thumbs 694-s67
glove80 kbd 20230119 right thumbs 694

Low Height on Desk

This keyboard is designed to have minimal height. So that the keyboard does not raise your hand position on desk much. (look at the key D.)

glove80 kbd 20230119 thin profile 333-s67
Low profile of the keyboard. Note the height of key D.

Removable Palm Rest

Detachable palm rest.

To remove the palm rest, just unscrew it at the back. Those are thumb screws, just twist it to screw.

glove80 keyboard 20230126 599-s35
glove80 keyboard with palmrest
glove80 no palmrest 20230126-s999
glove80 without palmrest 20230126 4032×3024
glove80 kbd back 202301 CDWhw
back 202301 CDWhw
glove80 palmrest 20230126 GfSVg
Palm Rest

Adjustable Feet for Tenting

By default, the keyboard is tented for 8 degrees. (tenting means raising the middle, so to avoid wrist pronation.)

To adjust tenting angle, just twist the feet. Excellent design.

It comes with extra long screw feet if you want extreme tenting.

glove80 feet 20230127 9022-s1000
glove80 feet 20230127 9022


The keycaps are custom designed by MoErgo. Highest quality design and material.

Included are extra Keycaps for Mac's Command and Option keys.

Swapping Keycaps

🛑 WARNING: Be very careful when pulling the keycaps, you may pull out the key switch and damage it. Choc switch keycaps are very tight. When you pull a keycap, use the bundled wench to hold down the switch under it.

glove80 pull switch 2023-03-16-s350
glove80 pull switch (key puller and mini wrench included)

Key Switch


Glove80 Keyboard Layout

Firmware and Programing the Keyboard (Create Custom Key Layouts and Key Macros)

Special Designed Carrying Case, Free

Glove80 Manual


The Good

The Bad

Overall, this is now my favorite keyboard.

Where to Buy

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