random Linux notes 2012-04-28

By Xah Lee. Date:

Old Machine? Use Light-weight Desktop: Xfce, LXDE

Content moved to: Linux: How to Install New Window Manager (Gnome, KDE, Xfce, xmonad, etc)

Learn Technical Writing from Unix Man in 10 Days

Quote from man apt-get:

    remove is identical to install except that packages are removed
    instead of installed.


    kicking is identical to kissing except that receiver is kicked
    instead of kissed.

Disappearing URL in Doc

so, i was reading man git. Quote:

Formatted and hyperlinked version of the latest git documentation can
be viewed at http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/.

but if you go to that URL, it shows a list of over one hundred forty empty dirs.

I guess unix/linux idiots can't be bothered to have correct documentation. Unskilled in writing is one thing, but they are incapable of maintaining a link or updating docs?

does this ever happen to Apple's docs? If it did, i don't ever recall seeing it from 18 years of using Mac.

more records of careless dead link:

apt-get Package Naming Confusion

so a friend told me about a game named “githug”. It's a command-line app that teaches you git, as if playing a game.

githug site says: gem install githug. I ran which gem and got no result, so i brainlessly typed sudo apt-get install gem and it went. But apparently, the gem package isn't what i want. What i wanted, turns out, is called “rubygems”, which is ruby's package management system.

there are several issues thus far:

now, continuing the story… so i: sudo apt-get install rubygems then i gem install githug all went well, except, when i type which githug nothing is to be found. WTF is going on?

What is /var/lib/ For?

“githug” is installed in /var/lib/gems by default. You need to either call it with full path or add it to your $PATH.

(the command updatedb and locate are helpful in locating files. They are basically a cached version of find …. (Thanks to [Huynh Kang https://plus.google.com/116962894211949702064/posts]))

Why the faak is it in /var/ dir?? To refresh my Unix Philosophy, see: [ Unix directory structure ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_directory_structure ]. Quote:

/var, a short for “variable.” A place for files that may change often.

in unix shit, there's always some tech justification that makes you feel better.