Free Math Textbooks

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These are books that i've verified them in one way or another. Some i've read and consider good, some i checked up the author and is reputable mathematician, some are well known professors i know of, etc.


APEX Calculus by Gregory Hartman et al

Calculus Volume 1. OpenStax project

Calculus, by Jim Fowler, Bart Snapp

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra, by David Cherney and Others

Linear Algebra, by Jim Hefferon

Real Analysis

Real Analysis by Jiri Lebl 2016

Differential Geometry

Lecture Note on Curves and Surfaces, 2005, Chuu-Lian Terng

A Modern Course on Curves and Surfaces, 2003, by Richard S Palais

Functional Geometry, 2013, Sussman, Wisdom, Farr

Analysis on Manifolds, 1991, by J R Munkres


Intro to Point-Set Topology by Allen Hatcher

Topology from the Differential Point of View, 1965, John W Milnor


Mathematical Logic, by Stephen G Simpson

Introduction to Proof Theory, 1998, by Samuel R Buss

Foundation of Math, by Stephen G Simpson

the following i have not verified.

Algebraic Geometry

ALGEBRAIC CURVES, An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry, by William Fulton

Intro to Topology by Renzo


Erlangen Program, Felix Klein

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