Math Tiling Automata Morph

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math tiling flash
sort of automata morphing. (wait for it to finish load)

anyone know the origin of this? or what's it about?

It seems to me, the creation process is to begin with 2 images. Then, morph a pattern between the two. In this case, the 2 images seems to be the same image, translated or rotated.

the starting/ending image are line patterns. Tilings, in this case. The automata-like patterns can be generated by bitmap image filters, or apply some sort of plasma map on the tiling. The plasma map can take n steps, in each step, n is a parameter, such as making it closer to one side. So, we get the illusion of movement or coherent morph.

here are the individual frames.

internet usage day cycle map 000
Press left/right arrow key.

Here's info about the picture.

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2016-10-12 Thanks to Refurio Anachro for telling me. 〔 At