Mathematician John Baez

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Incredible Mathematician John Baez

one of the most fruitful thing Google Plus has ever done for me since its beginning is discovery of [John Baez].

He's a mathematician, and also a well-known writer (even before blog days) He writes a lot, but even when writing research level math, he made it easy for undergrad to understand. And, takes the time to write the interesting aspect, and answer and discuss with your comments/questions. (thus, comments on his post/blog are often very high quality as well) I see that he also sometimes write non-math related things, that touches on history, art, linguistics, all in a very appetizing way with quality/rare photos (and yet not the trite, mundane, beaten-horse types you find daily from social networks). Incredible!

you can read his bio on wikipedia and also follow links to his blogs. John Baez

i'm learning lots stuff from John C B. Lots thoughts hard to summarize nicely.

For one thing, related to SEO, is that it solidifies the idea that in order to get more readers, one should really focus on readers — so-called “engagement”. For example, say, instead of writing 4 posts per day, write just 1 and put the time of the 3 into that 1, to include quality image/illustration, answer questions, iron-out hand-waving. In other worlds, this is really the road for professional blogger. (you might not want to have lots readers, or shudder from the idea of wanting to be “popular”. But if you write publicly, more readers is positive in psychological and practical and philosophical ways. “Readership” defines “authorship”.)

Baez is also pulling me back into math. Such a black hole of pure beauty. The depth of which tantamount the very question of existence and universe.

Baez also sets a good example of doing good in a solid way. (as opposed to the countless shallow and crowd-pleasing blogs, exemplified by the marketing droids of Google of recent years (For example, Google Science, Google Doodle, Google pro-lgbt, etc), and countless fanatical “left-leaning liberal” American slackavitists daily pushing their selfish-opinions in the name of greater good.)