Math Software for Programers

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This page lists some math software, tools, libraries, for programers. I've used half of them. For those i haven't used, i know that they have high quality.


Mathematica is a general system for technical computing. The most famous and popular among all.

Mathematica comes free bundled with Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi


Sage is a new open source software that started in early 2000s. It incorporates many open source math software into a coherent interface, using Python as the language. It has a ambitious goal of creating a tool competitive to commercial ones like Mathematica or Maple. Sage is probably the most promising among free software.

GNU Octave

GNU Octave is a MatLab-like, open source software. Primarily intended for numerical computations.


gnuplot is a command-line plotting software. You write a text file descripting your data or plot command, and it generate a image file showing the plot.


POV-Ray POV-Ray is a 3d-modeling and rendering software. You write a scene description file, then it generate a image file as output. Great for 3D math illustration.


Symja is a computer algebra system written in Java, modeled after Mathematica.

Symja was known as MathEclipse

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