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β€œevery developer should buy a copy of Mathematica, because it will expand their mind.” β€”Clojure creator Rich Hickey

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The following is a index of tutorials and essays related to Wolfram Language. For latest news and additions, subscribe: Xah Programing Blog.

Mathematica pattern matching
Intro to Mathematica Pattern Matching for Lisp Programers

[see Pattern Matching vs Grammar Specification]

Mathematica linear algebra screenshot
Math Typesetting, Mathematica, MathML, 9 Tools to Display Math on Web
Mathematica reverse list-2-2
In-place Algorithm for Reversing a List in Perl, Python, Lisp, Mathematica
Mathematica syntax StandardForm screenshot
Mathematica vs Lisp Syntax
mathematica7 expression forms 2014-07-11
Wolfram Language expression forms
Mathematica 7 deltoid notebook Xah 2013-10-22
Mathematica 7 deltoid notebook

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