Windows Logo Key Keyboard Shortcuts

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This page lists all Windows logo key shortcuts that works in Windows 7. Windows Vista supports vast majority of these keys.

In general, any key combo with the Windows logo key ❖ Window is a global keyboard shortcut. Key combo that start with the ▤ Menu key (aka “Application key”) is supposed to be application specific, but that never caught on.

Introduced in Windows XP

Introduced in Windows XP Media Center Edition

Introduced in Windows Vista

Introduced in Windows 7

Alphabetic List

For shortcuts with Alt or Ctrl keys, see: Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts.

Windows Keyboard How-To

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  3. AutoHotkey Syntax
  4. AutoHotkey Scripts
  5. Swap CapsLock, Alt, Control
  6. Toggle Max Window
  7. Disable CapsLock, Win Key
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  11. Swap Mouse Buttons

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