Windows Keyboard Shortcut Frequently Asked Questions

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Key to Launch or Switch to App

Windows: Keyboard Shortcuts to Launch or Switch App

Disable Sleep key

Windows: Disable Sleep Button

Disable CapsLock , Window logo key

There's no builtin way to do that with Windows 10. You need a keyboard remapping software. The following are solutions:

Key to Switch Language Input System

❖ Window+Space to switch languages.

If you have lots languages, you can customize keys.

❖ Window+u to open Windows Settings. Click on Home. Then, click “Time and Language”.

Windows 10 Settings 2021-05-08
Windows 10 Settings

Click “Keyboard”

Windows 10 Settings language 2021-05-08
Windows 10 Settings language

Click on “Input language hot keys”.

Windows 10 Settings keyboard 2021-05-08 k4Zjq
Windows 10 Settings keyboard
Windows 10 input languages setting 2021-05-08
Windows 10 input languages setting

How to Switch to Dvorak Keyboard Layout?

Windows 10, How to Switch to Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Disable Ctrl+Shift+s for popping up HP Support Info

Disable Ctrl+Alt+S Shortcut for HP Support Info

When i press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+3, the MediaSmart DVD starts. How to disable this hotkey

Find the file shortcut that points to the program, open its properties panel, Shortcut tab, then disable the key there.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts