Perl: Delete Macos9 Icon File

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Here's a perl script that delete Mac's OS 9 Icon^M files.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# perl
# File name:
# Purpose: delete Mac's OS 9 "Icon^M" files.
# home page:
# date created: 2009-05-31

# to list those icon files, do
#  perl /Users/xah/Documents/
# to actually delete them
#  perl /Users/xah/Documents/ d
# if your path contain space or other chars, you need to quote the path.
# like this
#  perl "/Users/xah/Documents/some dir" d

use strict;
use File::Find;

if (not defined $ARGV[0]) {die "Error: argument not received.\n$0 <dir absolute path> d. If the second argument is missing, then only reported will be done, no deletition will take place."};

my $path = $ARGV[0]; # should give a full path, not relative path. Else, the $File::Find::dir won't give full path.

my $sizesum=0;
my $filenum=0;

sub wanted {
	if (
			! -d $File::Find::name &&
			-f $File::Find::name &&
			$_ =~ m/^\Icon
		 ) {

		if (-s "$File::Find::name/rsrc" > 0) {
			$sizesum += -s "$File::Find::name/rsrc";

			if ($ARGV[1] eq 'd') {
				open (FF, ">$File::Find::name/rsrc") or die "cannot open $!"; print ""; close FF;
		if ($ARGV[1] eq 'd') {unlink $File::Find::name}
		print $File::Find::name, "\n";

find(\&wanted, $path);
print "file touched: $filenum.\n";
print "size freed: $sizesum bytes.\n";
print "Done.\n";



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