Perl: Complex Numbers

By Xah Lee. Date:

Perl doesn't support complex numbers. But there are packages for it. One of them is “Math::Complex”.

Here's a excerpt from its documentation:

            use Math::Complex;

            $z = Math::Complex->make(5, 6);
            $t = 4 - 3*i + $z;
            $j = cplxe(1, 2*pi/3);

    This package lets you create and manipulate complex numbers. By default,
    *Perl* limits itself to real numbers, but an extra "use" statement
    brings full complex support, along with a full set of mathematical
    functions typically associated with and/or extended to complex numbers.

    If you wonder what complex numbers are, they were invented to be able to
    solve the following equation:

            x*x = -1


From this, we observe the general Perl programer's understanding of mathematics, and also this package's author's understanding of it. And, as well as the fanaticality and maturity from the writing style.

perldoc Math::Complex

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