Python Doc Links All Dead

By Xah Lee. Date: must have re-org'd their website since . Today, links to their old version docs are all dead.

here's the dead

here's the pages linked from:

Python 2011 Dead Link Incidence

This happened before, in 2011. See:

Python Doc Links Dead

Dead Links

  1. 2016 W3C and WHATWG Dead URL
  2. 2011 Python Doc Links Dead
  3. 2016 Python Doc Links All Dead
  4. 2006 A Record of Frustration in IT Industry; Disappearing FSF URLs, 2006
  5. 2015 FSF GNU Emacs Link Dead Problem 2015

Python Documentation Sucks

  1. Python Doc Problem: os.system
  2. Python Doc Problem: os.path.split()
  3. Python Doc Problem: sort()
  4. Python Doc Problem: gzip
  5. Python Documentation Problems
  6. Python Documentation Author Masturbation
  7. How to Improve Python Doc; Notes on Rewriting Python Regex Doc
  8. Why Python's Documentation Sucks
  9. Python Poetry: the __main__ Stanza
  10. perldoc Coming of Age, What Python Can Learn From?
  11. Examples of Quality Documentation in Computing Industry
  12. Python Doc Links Dead
  13. Python Doc Links All Dead
  14. Python = Pretentious Sheet
  15. Optional Function Parameters in Computer Language Docs (the idiocy thereof)

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