Python Doc Problem: os.system

By Xah Lee. Date:

Today i'm trying to use Python to call shell commands. In Perl, it's something like:

$output = qx(ls);

In Python i quickly located the function due to its well-named-ness:

import os

However, according to the doc the os.system() returns some esoteric unix thing, not the command output. The doc doesn't say how to get the output of the command.

By chance someone told me that in Python 2.4 the os.system is supplanted by, but this isn't mentioned in the doc!

Upon finding the new doc location i'm told that this module replaces:


Interesting. Since i'm not a Python expert, i'd like to look at these. But the doc gives ample gratis links to Open Source this or that or author know-how exhibition links to remote book i don't really care about, but here there is no link.

Problem summary:

Solution Suggestion:

For a tutorial on using subprocess.Popen(), see: Python: Make System Call .

See also: Why Open Source Documentation is of Low Quality