StackOverflow Gamification

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Faaking stackoverflow spaming my email with their stuff. Either they began to do it frequently in last few monhts, or turned on something, or something. Gonna try to stop it in prefs.

StackOverflow xah 2019-11-28 kkdx7
my StackOverflow profile 2019-11-28

found it:

stackoverflow email setting 2019-11-28 y3nc5
stackoverflow email setting 2019-11-28

stackoverflow, the grand daddy of using psychology to get people hooked, and they have a euphemism for it: gamification.

they, like all other social networks, bombards you with trivial crap that makes you think is important need to know, so your life in modern society is wasted by their nothingness.

stackoverflow, they rose up around 2008 originally due to, they solved a major problem in programer community. That is, before SOF, when one asks a question in forum, all the programer nerds inject their say wantonly, like, you should use monad, macros, or whatnot, while often not really answering the question. The monad etc often quickly escalates to lang design drivels by ignoramuses or emacs vs vi etc or Why Don't You Go Use Notepad. This happens especially in elite langs like perl lisp haskell etc, but never in plebian langs like php and JavaScript. (in these, questions often get answered. high horse is rare) Thus, rose Stackoverflow, with their painstaking and ostentatious rule about how one must answer THE question, and what is or what is not a Question, etc.

And also, as with wikipedia, sites like stackoverflow grows a bunch of guards. Typically, college students, who hog the site day and night. They, 'tis they, became the admins and dictate what others should do. It's not cuz their opinion are great or they have great learning, it's cuz, they got nothing to do and just hog the site, immediately touch any new post within a second.