Stackoverflow JavaScript Millennials on Compiler

By Xah Lee. Date: .

the Stackoverflow JavaScript Millennials don't know the meaning of a compiler anymore.

Stackoverflow Question: is There a Real ECMAScript 2015 to ES5 Compiler?

Took time to ask a question on stackoverflow. Immediately, it becomes a flame situation, and downvoted by fucking idiots. My question got closed within 1 hour.

i feel like rage quit and delete my stackoverflow account.

Often, you hear hackers extol “standards”. But here, i'm simply asking for a standard compliant JavaScript tool.

These elite hacker idiots, praise standards, but now don't seem to see a double standard, where they embrace enterprise induced baggage in spite of standard.

Is it not a simple question to ask for a JavaScript compiler that compiles ES2015 to ES5?

stackoverflow any real js compiler 2017 04 23
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I wasn't trying to rant. That was a earnest question, after a month of trying TypeScript and Babel, i thought i take time to ask it at the right place, StackOverflow, and get some answers.

What i got, is a bunch of idiots ignorant of ECMAScript spec, then, others perceiving it as rant and downvote it.

The one guy who seem to understand me is Aluan Haddad.

Another guy, estus, is the aggressive scum.

The coding industry is always filled with these idiot priests like the estus, they run the show. That's why it's eternally complex.

The question itself, is interesting. Because, you see there are a lot languages that compile to JavaScript, from golang, clojure, ruby, python, ocaml, CoffeeScript, Dart, Elm, and tens more. In these languages, there is no problem of using ES2015 features. So, you have a interesting situation, why is that these language can compile js 2015 no problem, but when written in JavaScript, it has a problem?

Of course, there isn't any problem. It's just it's not commonly done, due to how js code in the industry works.

That is, most js based js compilers try to maintain some performance similarity of source code and generated code, and or, due to how the industry works using npm and gazillion frameworks and packers, they try to stick to that work flow so that some js 2015 becomes a separate library. Because, when working in industry, your source code is not going to be 100% ES2015 anyway. You already gotta have a gazillion require. So, the compiler writers put some ES2015 object into a separate library, that need require, that way, you have more control.

Of course, that's not how things should be. I'm pretty sure there is a pure js compiler that compiles ES2015 to ES5 js. But those hacker idiots, head no brain. They regurgitate the feed of idiom trough of hacker news, and think they know it all, and tell you what to do.