The Overflow of StackOverflow

By Xah Lee. Date: .

The Overflowing StackOverflow

StackOverflow… although useful, but i hesitate to participate in depth. Like all such forums (except usenet), soon it picks up gazillion policies, rules, and cult communities of the subject, where you can't really express a particular view. And, things like, if you don't use the site in a particular way, the community don't consider you good even if you contribute lots answers (not necessary by a policy, but by the behavior of the members.). And, there's this bunch of badges and score shit. On the surface, they are a bit fun for everyone, but mixedin is really a addiction touch, and of course, the site owners know it precisely, that's why they are there. Its called commercialization.

of course, big congregated sites like that make millions, for themselfs, while the open source fanatic idiots, get nothing, defend the site, yet themselfs work for non open source companies making thousands a month, but has the audacity when some poor sob doesn't open source stuff. fk the open source scums. 'its they, gets us today's web, where most news sites are garbage filled with lurid ads, individuals and creative people get nothing, and we must sing ode to open source. 'tis how communism rose.


found this excellent essay: [Why I No Longer Contribute to Stackoverflow By Michael T Richter. At , accessed on 2014-10-15 ] (local copy Michael_T_Richter_Stackoverflow_2013.txt)

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PS: personally am thankful Stackoverflow co-founder Jeff Atwood. He donated money to me when i was hungry.