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D3.js Visualization, a Quasi Science

Browser Console, More Sophisticated Than Full-Fledged Java IDE

chrome browser console 2018 04 22 db541
Chrome Browser Console 2018-04-22

Browser console today, is more sophisticated than full-fledged Java IDE. And probably 10 times more complicated to implement too.

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unicode search heart face e6db6
unicode search heart face Unicode Search 🔎

now you can search by typing 2 different words, e.g. “heart card”

Unicode Character Equivalence Support in Web Browsers

Unicode: Emoji Usage Frequency

generative art = piss splash + programing

here's history of processing, the generative art programing language for non-programers. Non-programers? lol, actually, it's java.

[Research essay: The History of Processing By Maks Surguy. At https://maxoffsky.com/research/research-essay-the-history-of-processing/ ]

hackernews graced me

looks like hackernews graced me again. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16741116

thanks to https://mastodon.technology/@danielhglus for shoutout

two old articles.

Ban Code Elegance

Am beginning to think, elegance of code should be ban'd. Because, often, they make code slower, harder to understand, and also far more time consuming to create.

It's like artwork. Often, they serve no everyday value. Prime example is modern geometric furniture.

However, a society where concept of code elegance doesn't exist, then code quality will suffer in general. It'd be like a society sans notion of beauty.

what should be done, is that code elegance should become a branch of math. Like, groups represented by generators and relations. So that, code elegance becomes precisely defined, and part of representation theory. Just as complexity theory is the study of algorithms.

Patterns mean “I have run out of language.” — #clojure inventor Rich Hickey

Xah on Lisp (new index)

JavaScript Module, and Math vs Programing


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code elegance vs efficiency vs modularity vs readability

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Linux: Default Fonts (minor update)

start to post to patreon again

am going to start to post to patreon again. see https://www.patreon.com/posts/17332715

for paid audience. It's better that way, increases my quality, with a goal.

the problem just blogging or posting to twitter, is that, nobody really cares. With patreon post, there's a goal, similar to commercial org. You write, if it's good, people pay. When no good, people stop.

And comments tends to be more valuable. It has a basis.

20 years of open source, has eliminated the power of individuals. Instead, you get these “we support opensource” mega corps like google and Facebook. The programers, by day work for these greed, by night sing open source, put to git, wipe out bread of small programers.