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Here is a logo i designed for the Qi programming language. Home page at: http://www.lambdassociates.org/

qi lang logo
Qi logo

The following is Qi II design requested by Mark Tarver. The lambda is made connected.

qi2 variation

The image is copyright © 2007 by Xah Lee. Feel free to use the logo for Qi language related things.

I hereby transfer the copyright of this design to Mark Tarver (the creator of Qi).

The logo is used at QiLang forum at: http://groups.google.com/group/qilang.

Design of the Qi Lang Logo

The naming Qi has to do the Chinese concept Qi (气,氣)

(simplified character)
(traditional character)

it means life energy. (For Western functional programers, you can think of it as the Jedi's Force.)

So, the logo incorporates Chinese characteristics. The lambda, and the “i”, is meant to give a impression of Chinese calligraphy with brush strokes. The lambda is colored in dark vermilion, a common color in Taoism temples. The outline of the Q typeface is a perfect circle, and is symbolic for lisp's parenthesis (signifying its lisp origin).

Here's few Qi language sites with the mysterious force concept association: (“qilan” similar to “qigong”). A blog named “Programming Kung Fu Qi” http://programmingkungfuqi.blogspot.com/2007/08/haskell-like-type-classes-in-qi.html

Tarver's new language is Shen.

the book of shen lang
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