Should Beginner Programer Learn Emacs Lisp

By Xah Lee. Date: .

should a beginner programer learn emacs lisp?

someone asked on reddit.

here's my reply.

if you are new to programing, best is to read Emacs Lisp Intro by Robert J. Chassell

this is part of emacs. Just M-x info and you'll see it. (it's also on FSF website.)

this is for people who never programed before.

however, if you already know a programing language, it is a worst, useless, book. Because, you will have to scan 10 pages to learn 1 simple elisp thing. It'll be explaning what's a variable, function, loop, etc, intermixed with elisp stuff.

for beginner programer, should you learn elisp? it depends. Learn elisp does not hurt at all, nor will it be magic in teaching you something you won't find elsewhere.

The question is really, what do you prioritize.

If you want to customize emacs, yes, learn elisp. It is the only way.

If you are thinking maybe elisp is a stepping stone to get you over other programing or jobs meanwhile you still get value of customizing emacs, then, stop the fantasy right here. You better off to learn python, ruby, golang.

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