My Path to Emacs Lisp

By Xah Lee. Date: .

My Path to Emacs Lisp

My path to elisp is similar to this.

Here's one of my first elisp code. I was actually overjoyed when i learned it.

(defun insert-p-tag ()
  "Insert <p></p> at cursor point."
  (insert "<p></p>")
  (backward-char 4))

Today, this code went thru many versions, and now is a full html mode of 5k lines. Emacs: Xah HTML Mode 📦

I have close to a hundred other commands for HTML. For example:

And any CSS related needs, HTML5, … anything i need or want. After some 5 years, i started my own HTML mode, the way i wanted things to work. [see Emacs: Xah HTML Mode 📦]

When you use a light-weight markup system, you type a few chars to markup, such as =title= or ==title==. [see Markdown Tutorial] But with my own system, i press ONE KEY to transfrom text under cursor to a customized HTML markup i want. I can confidently say that writing raw HTML is actually faster than using any light-weight markup (such as org-mode or markdown) or any web site framework, plus, i have complete control of the raw HTML code, and can use full HTML features, any tag, not limited to what light-weight markup supports, and the generated HTML are all W3C valid HTML. [see HTML Correctness and Validators]

Interesting? Start your own mode today!

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