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Auto-Resize Image, Progressive JPEG, CSS Window Size Trick

There's this hurricane site with interesting tech: [Hurricane Sandy Bears Down on East Coast At http://nation.time.com/2012/10/29/hurricane-sandy-bears-down-on-east-coast/photo/wtc-2/ , accessed on 2012-10-29 ]

here's a few interesting things:

what JavaScript trick, lib, or CSS trick are used to achieve these? Can you create a simple HTML page example with these features?

A joke. But check out the use of CSS to render that. A Dialogue Between a Guy and a Girl: Should I Bring the Glove?. View source.

Started to use Chinese micro-blog Sina Weibo. In 2 days, i already got 2 spams. This one is funny:

chinese sina weibo selling followers
Ad of Chinese spammer selling Sina Weibo followers

There are spam selling followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus. The Chinese ain't falling behind on this.

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China's Sina Weibo vs Twitter GUI Fight

China's [ Sina Weibo ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sina_Weibo ]'s UI is much better than Twitter. You can list all replies to you, or all your replies to others, list mutual follower, and list private chat that also act as INSTANT chat, and pic upload that works, faster too despite lots ads. It's somewhat more like Facebook than Twitter.

+1 for China. Thumbs down on tweeter.

According to Wikipedia, Sina Weibo has 3M users, while Twitter has 5M. Sina Weibo has 1M posts per day, while Twitter 3.4M.

My account on weibo is [2012-10-23 http://www.weibo.com/xahlee/ ]. 求关注! 求粉丝! 😸

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