Firefox: Set Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed, Backspace for Previous Page, Autoscroll

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This page shows several common config tweaks for Firefox browser. On Linux, these features are not on by default.

this page is tested with latest release of Firefox as of .

In the URL bar, type about:config, begin there.

Set Backspace Key to Go Back To Previous Page

Set browser.backspace_action to 0.

0⌫ Backspace = goto previous visited site/page.
1⌫ Backspace = scroll up a page, and 【⇧ Shift+⌫ Backspace】 = scroll down.
2Don't do anything special. (default on Linux Firefox)

Turn on AutoScroll in Firefox Linux

To turn on autoscroll feature on Linux: Double click to set general.autoScroll to true

This lets you middle-click on a empty area to pan-scroll in any direction by moving mouse.

Set Accelerated Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed

The change is immediate. You don't need to restart Firefox. This works in Linux too.

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