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JavaScript Molecules Demo

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HTML: How to Markup Subtitle

CSS Trick: Display Language Name in Code Snippet (on its own page)

Web Design: How JavaScript Breaks UI, Evolution of UI (on its own page)

CSS: Data URI Scheme

(added code for Shell, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript)

CSS: Data URI Scheme

HTML5 Custom Data Attribute (updated)

HTML Meta Language Tag Obsolete

CSS: Add Icon to Links

HTML: Image Map (updated)

HTML Style 1999: Hacker News

CSS Shapes (updated. added a pacman shape)

Google Translate Funnies

Google translated this:

JS: Fade a Element Using CSS Transition



In English, it means “Of JavaScript: the element of faded color used CSS too much”


[see Fade a Element Using CSS Transition]

Convert Decimal/Hexadecimal

looks like now you cannot view links to Pinterest without having a account. walled garden multiply!

BlackBerry Tablet Browser Sucks: CSS link rel attribute support

amazing, in this day of age, the BlackBerry tablet doesn't support this CSS:

a[rel="next"]:before {content:"▶ ";font-size:2ex}
a[rel="up"]:before {content:"▲ ";font-size:2ex}
a[rel="previous"]:before {content:"◀ ";font-size:2ex}

the CSS above is supposed to match navigation links such as this:

<a rel="previous" href="a.html">a</a>
<a rel="up" href="b.html">b</a>
<a rel="next" href="c.html">c</a>

It should marke each nav link with a proper Unicode triangle, like this:

css nav link rel screenshot 2013-07-15
nav bar screenshot

but in BlackBerry, all links are marked with ◀.

test here: Blackberry Tablet Rel Next Link Css Test

[see CSS Selector Syntax]

The browser on BlackBerry's user agent string is:

Mozilla/5.0 (PlayBook; U; RIM Tablet OS 2.1.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/536.2+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ Safari/536.2+

Deferred Loading JavaScript for Old Browser (updated)

Source Code Encoding

JavaScript: Load Order, defer, async, module

Fade a Element Using CSS Transition

hacker idiocy of the decade. This is the user agent string of Google Chrome browser.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/28.0.1500.71 Safari/537.36

CSS: Computed Style

Property Key

CSS: Round Corners (updated)

just discovered that you don't need to have Shockwave installed to view Google Maps. (for street view, you still do.)

CSS: Transition

CSS: OverFlow, Scrollbar

HTML Meta Language Tag Obsolete

What is CSS Default Unit?

Unicode Search 🔎 Now you can type a hexadecimal and it'll show that Unicode plus 500 characters after it.

HTML: Allowed Characters in id Attribute