JS: String.prototype.split

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Split the string by separator string_separator.

Return a array. The separator is not included in result.


Split the string by separator regex.

If regex contains capturing parentheses, the captured parts are included in result.

str.split(sep, n)

Return a array of n items at most.


Return array [str].


Return a array, each element is a character. (Note: technically, each element is a code unit.)

[see JS: Character, Code Unit, Code Point]

String Separator Example

The separator eats the string.

"abcde".split("c") // [ 'ab', 'de' ]

Repeated space in string may result empty string element in array.

console.log (
 ' a  b c '.split (' ')
); // [ '', 'a', '', 'b', 'c', '' ]

Use filter to remove empty string in array.

[see JS: Array.prototype.filter]

Regex Separator Example

Using regex as separator.

const t3 = 'a  b c';
console.log ( t3.split (/ +/) ); // [ 'a', 'b', 'c' ]

Using regex with capture.

const t4 = 'a  b c';
console.log ( t4.split (/( +)/) ); // [ 'a', '  ', 'b', ' ', 'c' ]

[see JS: RegExp Syntax]

Max Length Example

Limit max length.

const tt = `a

console.log (
    tt.split ('\n',2)
); // [ 'a', 'b' ]

Other Example

Split by a character that doesn't exist, return full string

// split by a char that doesn't exist, returns full string
console.log (
// [ 'abc' ]


ECMAScript 2015 §Text Processing#sec-string.prototype.split

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