San Francisco Bay Area Mechanical Keyboard Meetup 2018-11-10 notes

By Xah Lee. Date: .

just came back from today's Nor Cal keyboard meetup, and from a friend's house.

TGR Alice Keyboard

i saw several of this today

keyboard 2018-11-10 b74e2-s1270x953
Vortexgear Cypher and TGR Alice Keyboard 4032×3024 [image source]

they are extremely heavy. You'd have a hard time holding it with 1 hand. The keyboard case/frame is some kinda heavy steel.

it's called TGR Alice keyboard see reddit

the layout is similar to LZ Ergo Keyboard

see also this heavy brick keyboard

modern m0110 keyboard 3ac74 s311x201
Modern M0110 keyboard (DIY)

and Heavy Metal Apple Keyboards

iris keyboard is fly weight!

iris keyboard 59593-s306x204
iris keyboard

i also saw several Iris Keyboard. it's extremely light. Like, weights just a bunch of keycaps. very nice. The thumb position is also nice for small hands. (unlike that of Ergodox Keyboard ) though, too few keys for me. But would work if coupled with a 30+ keys Programable Keypad

Keyboardio serial number 0001 for sale!

also saw Keyboardio serial number 0001 for sale today. asking for $300. i tried it, it's nice.

it's this one if you want to buy

See also: Keyboardio Review

trackball that spins

found this one today. The trackball spins! Never seen any actual trackball that can spin.

devlin keyboard trackball spins ba5cf-s1531x653
modified Devlin keyboard, with trackball that can spin 3838×1637 [image source]

looks like this site sells the raw material

(2018-11-10 thanks to plebtheturtle)

The closest i've seen is a trackball prototype, see Trackballs That Can Spin

more photos

here's photos, by plebtheturtle NorCal /r/MK Meetup 2018 album


reddit: reddit

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