Xah Keyboard Guide

Complete guide on computer keyboard.

Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard 80140-s328x191
CM MasterKeys PBT b638a-s437x143
PC flat
paw 3d keycap 62445-s333x188
helix ghost in the shell bot 04bys
DEC VT100 terminal 2013 08 30 7ea01a58 s s265x236
Typewriter Hermes s31952
qwerty heatmap  to build a fire-s365x171
Shortcut pain
Shortcut Layout
proper elbow position during typing
Typing Habits, Hand Injury
F2 🢡
Hotkey How-To
Kensington Expert Mouse trackball wireless 53042-s262x239
Trackball Reviews
Marble Madness control panel 76702-s289x217
Trackball History
valve trackball controller prototype 85120-s289x217
Trackball Controller
royal bar-lock typewriter no4 78843-s217x289
stenotype machine 2015-53567-s289x216
Input Devices


Xah Desktop

  1. Xah Keyboards
  2. Xah's Linux Setup
  3. How to Install Linux on VirtualBox
  4. Why I'm Switching from Mac to Windows
  5. Mac Mini Late 2014 Spec
  1. Unicode Keyboard Symbols ⌘ ⏎ ⌫
  2. Keyboard Enter/Return Key Symbol
  3. Keyboard Shortcut Notations

keyboard utilities

some good utilities i've came across.

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