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Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard 80140
Ergo Keyboards
code keyboard 104 key
PC Keyboards

Fun Keyboards
keyboard trackball planet6  Kurt Plubell 25273
Do-It-Yourself Keyboards
DEC VT100 terminal 2013 08 30 7ea01a58 s s265x236
Keyboard History
Typewriter Hermes s31952
Keyboard Design
Layout Design
Keybinding Design
proper elbow position during typing
Typing Habits, Hand Injury
F2 🢡
Hotkey How-To
ztn logitech mx master wireless mouse
Mouse Reviews
Kensington Expert Mouse trackball wireless 53042
Trackball Reviews

Trackball History
valve trackball controller prototype 85120-s289x217
Trackball Controller
ztn SpaceNavigator 68024
Input Devices


Xah Desktop

  1. Xah's Linux Setup
  2. How to Install Linux on VirtualBox
  3. Why I'm Switching from Mac to Windows
  4. Dell Inspiron 15 7559 specification
  5. Mac Mini Late 2014 Spec
  6. Xah Keyboards 2018-11
  7. Xah Keyboards 2017-09
  1. Unicode Keyboard Symbols ⌘ ⏎ ⌫
  2. Keyboard Enter/Return Key Symbol
  3. Keyboard Shortcut Notations

keyboard utilities

some good utilities i've came across.

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  1. Ergo Keyboards
  2. PC Keyboards
  3. Fun Keyboards
  4. Keypads
  5. Do-It-Yourself
  6. History
  7. Design
  8. Layout
  9. Keybinding
  10. Typing
  11. Key How-To
  12. Mouse
  13. Trackball
  14. Trackball History
  15. Misc
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