Keyboard: Layouts, Hotkeys, Macros, RSI ⌨

the day i lost control

the Best Ergonomic Keyboards, and How to Chose a Ergonomic Keyboard

The Lack of Imagination

Microsoft arc keyboard 1
Microsoft Keyboards
Logitech wireless solar keyboard k750
Logitech Keyboards
Apple iMac Keyboard A1242
Apple Computer Keyboards Gallery & Review
happy hacking keyboard professional 2
The Idiocy of Happy Hacking Keyboard
logitech g19 keyboard
Logitech Gaming Keyboards Review

Plain Mechanical

logitech g710plus keyboard
Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard
Corsair K60 keyboard
Keyboard: Corsair K60, K65, K70, K95 Review
Filco Majestouch-2 Tenkeyless NKR Click Keyboard FKBN87MC EMU2
Keyboards without Numeric Keypad
model M keyboard
IBM Model M keyboard, Unicomp
matias mini tactile pro 2
Keyboard: Matias Mini Tactile Pro Review
Azio Levetron Mech4 gaming keyboard
Gaming Keyboards: Razer BlackWidow, Levetron Mech5

Ergonomic Keyboards

ms n4000 keyboard
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (review)
ms wnm keyboard
Review of Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
goldtouch keyboard 3
2-Piece Split Keyboards: Kinesis Freestyle, Goldtouch Adjustable
typematrix keyboard
TypeMatrix Keyboard Review

Batman Keyboards

Microsoft sculpt ergonomic keyboard 41754
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review
Truly Ergonomic Computer Keyboard-207
Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Review
maltron keyboard old
Maltron Keyboard Review
Kinesis keyboard doll
Kinesis Keyboard Review and RSI
ergodox woodenlook 2013-10-25 44533
Ergodox Keyboard Review
utron keyboard 02
μTRON Keyboard from Japan
Esrille New Keyboard 2014-03-19 25021
Esrille New Keyboard Review
axios keyboard model-05-02
Axios Keyboard ⌨
steam punk sojourner keyboard
Steam Punk Sojourner Keyboard

Curiouser & Curiouser

sun keyboard left
Sun Microsystems Type 6 Keyboard
Space-cadet Keyboard and Lisp Machine Keyboards
NEC keyboard pk-kb015 2
Japan M-Type keyboard, TRON keyboard
mark5 heart keyboard jesse 2013-04-19
Heart ♥ Keyboard, Butterfly Keyboard, Cat 😸 Keyboard, Star Trek Keyboard ⌨
ergodox keyboard mod with trackball 2 2013-04-17
Ergodox Keyboard with Trackball ⌨ ∞
ms n4000 keyboard sawed off
Keyboard with Numeric Keypad Sawed Off
keyboard station one thousand function keys 2012-08-10
Keyboard Master: One Thousand Function Keys
logitech g13 gameboard 2
List of Programable Keypads

Misc Others and Gallery:

Keyboard Design

keyboard history, designe analysis, survey of modifier keys, key switch mechanism, size of space bar, prtscn sysrq scrlk keys, arrangement of home keys, matrix vs staggered layout, origin of chord keys, etc.

Typewriter Hermes
Design of Computer Keyboards ⌨

{Layouts, Keybinding} Design

Dvorak vs Colemak, international layouts, efficiency study, key frequency statistics, history of emacs & vi keys, ….

mac unicode char
Computer Keyboard Layouts & Keybinding Design & Analysis ⌨

Key Remap Software for {Windows, Mac, Linux}

Practical tips on how to {remap keys, create shortcut keys, change layout} for {Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac}

Keyboard Layout, Key Shortcuts Tutorial ⌨

Typing Habits; Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

proper elbow position during typing

Key Notations, Syntax, Terminology

Best Mouse for You

All kinds of input devices, for best gaming, or for uber programing efficiency, or for avoding RSI.

Razer Naga left-handed gaming mouse CST2545-5W trackball
Computer Mouse, Trackball, Input Devices


Key Scancode, USD, Tech References

USB Keyboard Scancode Reference, Physical Key Layouts


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