Trackballs That Can Spin

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Here's a trackball design that spins!

Kensington Expert Mouse. Right: default ruby bearing. Left: modified with Zirconium Oxide bearings [source, by boomskats]
Ball-Bearing Trackball Design Concept-Keycon 2014

Here's idea using air bearings:

Make vacuum pre-loaded spherical air bearings without special tools
Dec 22, 2019
Applied Science

True Spin Balls

As far as i know, only these 2 truly spins. I think they are using ball bearing.

ITAC Mouse-Trak Trackball

at 1:55, ball spin.
CH Products DT225 USB trackball •Jul 18, 2014
David Kolib

DT225 Trackball

Trackball Spin Test

L-Trac Trackball (this is an older model with flat side cylindrical roller) Video by George.
CST L-Trac Trackball Redesigned Rollers

Elecom HUGE Trackball , ball spin test, right out of the box.
Elecom DEFT Trackball
Logitech M570 Wireless
Logitech Trackman Marble 20151101 xj3Z8-s250
Logitech Trackman Marble
ms trackball explorer-3-s226x277
Microsoft Trackball Explorer

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