Heavy Metal Apple Keyboards

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Heavy, is the word.

These weights a brick. Literally.

AEK64SS keyboard

aek64ss keyboard 201711 f2ba5 s
AEK64SS keyboard. 4032×3024

the above is made of stainless steel. Only a few are made.

there's also a aluminum case version.

see https://clueboard.co/parts/aek64-60-case-for-apple-extended-keycaps

More photos at https://imgur.com/a/wCXv1


Modern M0110 keyboard

modern m0110 keyboard 3ac74 s
“Modern M0110 keyboard” 3931×2540 [image source reddit]

Modern M0110 keyboard is modeled after the original Macintosh keyboard (M0110) (year 1984), but with aluminum frame.

It weights a brick. (3 kilograms!)

more info at https://www.deskcandy.xyz/

[see Apple Keyboards ⌨]

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