Great Math Software for Curves and Surfaces

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3DXM Virtual Math Museum


by differential geometer Richard Palais and Hermann Karcher.

Lots beautiful surfaces and animations.

The 3DXM software is Mac only, and is quite outdated. But the web site is nice for learning math.


K3DSurf Download at macOS Windows Linux

It can plot equations of 3 variables and parametric formulas for higher-dimension surfaces, and can do morph based on a variable.

Graphing Calculator

graphing calc screen

Graphing Calculator by Ron Avitzur. Imagine your hand-held graphing calculator with the power of a desktop computer, then you get the idea of what this program is about.

Out of 10 or 20 programs that plots curves and surfaces i've tried, I think this is the best. Most versatile and most easy to use. Go download a demo and see for yourself. If you want a plotting program for your highschool or college installation, I suggest this one.

Microsoft Windows, Math Plotters

Here is a list of Curves and Surface plotters for Windows


For books, you want to study calculus, then, differential geometry or algebraic geometry.

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