Great software for Tilings, Patterns, Symmetry

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A list of interactive, visual, easy-to-use software or tilings and patterns.

girih app

girih tiling app 6792f
girih app. For Mac.

2018-06-22 girih app is written by Stefan Hintz. It's commercial software.

Hexagonal Grids

hexagonal grids patel 9c2d9
[Hexagonal Grids By Amit Patel. At , accessed on 2015-11-23 ]

A tutorial on everything about hexagonal grids. Coordinate system, finding path, etc.


hyperplay 2014-09-13 by Tim Hutton.

Kali (wallpaper symmetry)

Kali screenshot
Kali. Windows Mac OS Classic

Kali by Jeff Weeks. It is a interactive program for drawing figures of plane symmetry.


taprats gallery4
taprats (Islamic Patterns Generator) Java (2002-10, 2018-04-06)

By Craig S Kaplan.

Also check out his thesis work.

Computer Graphics and Geometric Ornamental Design By Craig S Kaplan. At


tilings and patterns grunbaum shephard 20150511 4f6eb-s217x289
Tilings and Patterns Book

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Math Software

  1. 3dxm-s279x224
    Curves and Surfaces
  2. curved space mac-s245x256
    3D Geometry
  3. GeoGebra screenshot-s274x228
    Plane Geometry
  4. NonEuclid by Joel Castellanos 2018 33578-s274x228
  5. girih tiling app 6792f-s316x198
    Tilings, Patterns
  6. kaleidoTileScreen-s289x217
    Polyhedrons and Polytopes
  7. xaos screen-s271x231
  8. stdmap
    Dynamical Systems
  9. Hexagonal Generative Art by Charlotte Dann 52463-s344x181
    Cellular Automata
  10. chinese checkers 7889e-s315x198
    Math Board Game
  11. peg solitaire puzzle 42044-s296x211
  12. Kawai MP9000 piano dodecahedron-s289x217
    Magic Polyhedrons
  13. Math Software for Programers
  14. Old Math Software