Great software for Tilings, Patterns, Symmetry

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated:

This page lists some wonderful, interactive, visual, easy-to-use software that generates decorative planar patterns or its study. ➢ for example: periodic tilings, penrose tilings, Arabic weavings, or drawing programs that draw based on mathematical analysis of symmetry.


hyperplay 2014-09-13
hyperplay by Tim Hutton.

Kali (wallpaper symmetry)

Kali screenshot
Kali screenshot. (Mac Classic screenshot)

Kali is a freeware by Jeff Weeks. It is a interactive program for drawing figures of plane symmetry. The program is so appealing that it is suitable for grade-level kids too. A user selected symmetry pattern automatically appears based on whatever you draw on the screen. Mac & Windows versions at: MacWin

Escher Web Sketch (wallpaper symmetry)

Escher Web Sketch. This is a Java program that lets user interactively draw symmetrical patterns. By Wes Hardaker and Gervais Chapuis, at Java

Taprats (Islamic Patterns Generator)

Taprats screenshot

Taprats is a Java applet that generates Islamic patterns. Excellent. By Craig S Kaplan, at Java

Also check out his thesis work. Computer Graphics and Geometric Ornamental Design By Craig S Kaplan. @

Tyler (tiling)

Tyler is a Java applet that draw tilings. It is written by Melinda Green and Don Hatch, at Java

Bob (Penrose tiling)

Penrose tiling

Bob is a Windows program that does Penrose tilings, by Stephen Collins at Win