Great software for Tilings, Patterns, Symmetry

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This page lists some wonderful, interactive, visual, easy-to-use software that generates decorative planar patterns or its study. For example, periodic tilings, penrose tilings, Arabic weavings, or drawing programs that draw based on mathematical analysis of symmetry.


hyperplay 2014-09-13
hyperplay by Tim Hutton.

Kali (wallpaper symmetry)

Kali screenshot
Kali screenshot. (Mac Classic screenshot)

Kali is a freeware by Jeff Weeks. It is a interactive program for drawing figures of plane symmetry. The program is so appealing that it is suitable for grade-level kids too. A user selected symmetry pattern automatically appears based on whatever you draw on the screen. Mac and Windows versions at: MacWin

Escher Web Sketch (wallpaper symmetry)

Escher Web Sketch. This is a Java program that lets user interactively draw symmetrical patterns. By Wes Hardaker and Gervais Chapuis, at Java

Taprats (Islamic Patterns Generator)

Taprats screenshot

Taprats is a Java applet that generates Islamic patterns. Excellent. By Craig S Kaplan, at Java

Also check out his thesis work. Computer Graphics and Geometric Ornamental Design By Craig S Kaplan. At

Tyler (tiling)

Tyler is a Java applet that draw tilings. It is written by Melinda Green and Don Hatch, at Java

Bob (Penrose tiling)

Penrose tiling

Bob is a Windows program that does Penrose tilings, by Stephen Collins at Win


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