Linux: Accelerated Scroll and AutoScroll

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On Linux, there is no mouse wheel scroll acceleration. [see Mouse Accelerated Scroll] This is very painful. On web sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, often there's long pages. With accelerated scroll, you can get to the bottom in 4 fast swipes of the scroll wheel. Without, you have to do 20 scroll.

Adding insult to the injury, there is no autoscroll. That is, you can't middle click on a empty area and move mouse to pan the page.

By the way, this is a example how linux sucks donkey ass. On linux, there is no scroll wheel acceleration. Yet, linux nerds tolerate it. it is extremely painful. Over the past 20 years, countless requests for it, as can be seen on popular linux websites. Exactly which site changed over the years. But the linux nerds's response is, it's difficult in X11, or, it's not needed, etc. On the other hand, mac, windows, both support it since big bang.

Google Chrome Browser

Install a Extension for autoscroll. There are many of them. Not a ideal solution, because it's hard to trust browser extensions, they can know what sites you are visiting.

Firefox: Set Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed

For Firefox, you can turn on Turn on Accelerated Scroll, and also turn on autoscroll. For how, see:

Get a Spin Wheel Mouse

The best solution is to get Logitech mouse that comes with a wheel that can spin.

see Logitech Mouse with Spin Wheel

Customize Mouse

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