Mouse with Spin Wheel

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Logitech came up with mouse wheel that spins.

Logitech G502 Mouse 201811 spin wheel 623.mp4

Its wheel has 2 modes. Notched vs spin. There's a button below the wheel that lets you toggle the mode.

Logitech calls it Hyper Wheel.

In spin mode, it will keep spinning. Can spin for 28 seconds!

Why You Need Spin-Wheel

Spinning is extremely useful when you don't have accelerated scroll.

If you have accelerated scroll, you can scroll a long page by just a few fast flicks. And you can comfortably control the rate to stop at any position of the page.

If you don't have accelerated scroll. You have to push the wheel some 30 times, or move hand to keyboard and use Page Up Page Down keys. Using page keys jump by screenful, then you have to use arrow keys to position it, or back to scroll wheel.

(long pages are common. Most social network sites, Facebook, Twitter, by default has long pages, and when you hit bottom it expands, aka infinite scroll.)

Which OS Have System-Wide Accelerated Scroll?

So, if you are on Linux, then the spin wheel becomes very useful.

Linux: No Accelerated Scroll and No Autoscroll!

On Linux, there's no system-wide mouse wheel acceleration. It's app-dependent, and very few apps implements that.

Worse, in Firefox or Google Chrome, there's no “autoscroll” feature. Without accelerated scroll, you can work around with autoscroll. That is, press middle button, then move mouse to pan-scroll. The rate is dependent on your mouse position. You can turn this on in Firefox, but not in Google Chrome.

See: Firefox: Set Mouse Wheel Scroll Speed

List of Logitech Hyper Wheel Mouse

Here's a selection of logitech's mouse with fly-wheel:

logitech g502 mouse 2-s330x189
Logitech G502 Proteus
logitech g903 mouse 7mg9k-s309x202
Logitech G903
logitech mx master wireless mouse-s238x262
Logitech MX Master

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