Windows: Best Anti-virus Software

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This page lists the best anti-virus software for Windows.

Anti-virus Software

Here's a list of good anti-virus software.

I recommend the Microsoft Security Essentials. Use that.

Don't run multiple anti-virus software on your machine. Run just one. However, you can install several, and use them to manually scan for viruses periodically.

Here's 2 others, but i haven't used them.

I do not recommend Norton AntiVirus or anything from Norton, nor McAfee.

Rootkit Detector

“rootkit” is the most nasty virus software. Once a rootkit infected your system, normal anti-virus software may not be able to detect it. Here's the tools to detect and remove them.

PC Diagnostics, Registry Cleanup, …

The software from Piriform are excellent.

For other excellent software for Windows, see: List of Great Software for Microsoft Windows.

Fake Antivirus Ware (Ransomware)

See: 〔Hunting Down and Killing Ransomware By Mark Russinovich. @…

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