Great Software for Windows

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This page lists great software for Windows that i personally use. Most are also available for Mac and Linux.

Image Viewer

Image Editor, Paint, Line Drawing

Drawing Software

share files between phone and computer

Screenshot Software

ShareX 2021-01-20
ShareX 2021-01-20

Video Player

Video Streaming

old: Screen Video Capture, Screencasting, Softwares

Video editor

2021-04 recommended by friends:

Video Chat, Video Conference


dvd ripper

See also: Convert Video from Different Formats

Audio player

See: Audio Recorder, Synthesizers, MIDI Software

ebook file Reader

Microsoft Help File (.chm extension)

File Sharing, BitTorrent

Text Editor

Keyboard Macros and Launchers

File Secure Deletion


3D Modeling Software

Unix utils

Mac: build-in. But to install extra, use [ Fink ] [ ] or [ MacPorts ] [ ].

Windows: Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) Old school is Cygwin. [see Installing Cygwin Tutorial]

VirtualBox. Best tool for running linux on Windows. [see How to Install Linux on VirtualBox]

Text Terminal


on Windows 10, just use its default.

old: Windows: Best Anti-virus Software .

Sys Admin

Graphical tool for showing folder size

Windows Tools for Programer

For monitoring network, see also: tool for monitoring network traffic on Windows 7 Home At

[ Inno Setup ] [ ]. (create installers)

xah apps on windows 2012-05-08
xah apps on windows

This isn't exhaustive list of install software. Though, it contains all apps i use daily.

Just noticed a Walmart Photo Center there. lol. That's one of those bundled bloatware which somehow escaped my notice. It's going to trash now. Also, note that ComboFix.exe. It is supposed to be a rootkit detector or remover, but i haven't researched enough to be sure it's good. It is there temporarily.

For tools i use on linux, see: Xah Linux Setup .