Great Software for Windows

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This page lists great software for Windows that i personally use. Most are also available for Mac and Linux.

Image Viewer

Image Editor, Paint, Line Drawing

Drawing Software

Screenshot Software

ShareX 2021-01-20
ShareX 2021-01-20

Video Player

Video Streaming

old: Screen Video Capture, Screencasting, Softwares

Video editor

2021-04 recommended by friends:

Video Chat, Video Conference


dvd ripper

See also: Convert Video from Different Formats

Audio player

See: Audio Recorder, Synthesizers, MIDI Software .

ebook file Reader

Microsoft Help File (.chm extension)

File Sharing, BitTorrent

Text Editor

Keyboard Macros and Launchers

File Secure Deletion


3D Modeling Software

Unix utils

Mac: build-in. But to install extra, use [ Fink ] [ ] or [ MacPorts ] [ ].

Windows: Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) Old school is Cygwin. [see Installing Cygwin Tutorial]

VirtualBox. Best tool for running linux on Windows. [see How to Install Linux on VirtualBox]

Text Terminal


on Windows 10, just use its default.

old: Windows: Best Anti-virus Software .

Sys Admin

Graphical tool for showing folder size

Windows Tools for Programer

For monitoring network, see also: tool for monitoring network traffic on Windows 7 Home At

[ Inno Setup ] [ ]. (create installers)

xah apps on windows 2012-05-08
xah apps on windows

This isn't exhaustive list of install software. Though, it contains all apps i use daily.

Just noticed a Walmart Photo Center there. lol. That's one of those bundled bloatware which somehow escaped my notice. It's going to trash now. Also, note that ComboFix.exe. It is supposed to be a rootkit detector or remover, but i haven't researched enough to be sure it's good. It is there temporarily.

For tools i use on linux, see: Xah Linux Setup .