Web Browser Tab Management: One Hundred Tabs Open in Browser?

110 tabs open in web browser
110 tabs open, not sure where the sound is coming from.

Use Multiple Browsers

I use multiple browsers all the time partly for this reason.

Firefox for dev and wikipedia. Google Chrome for all sites that i have a account and trust. ⁖ all Google accounts, Facebook, Twitter, bank, etc. IE9 for random. Safari for p. Opera sometimes, for tech docs (⁖ python doc, etc.)

Typically, i always have Chrome and Firefox running. Each usually have 20 tabs in any instant. (currently, 17 tabs in Chrome, 49 in Firefox. (half of them are wikipedia articles))

This also makes it easier to manage and find the right tab. (i actually do close tabs aggressively. As soon as a page is no longer needed, i close it. Tabs left open usually mean i need to do something about it (read, reread, references for research/writing).)

Setup Function Keys to Switch Browser and Tabs

I have single keys to switch to any of the browser, and single keys to switch to prev/next tab. Also, a single key to close the current tab. All are single key, not key combinations. (⁖ F7 is Firefox, F4 is Chrome. App launch buttons for other browsers. The number pad keys {/, *} on PC keyboard are for prev/next tab. The - is close tab.)

For tips and tools on how to set the keys, see: Computer Keyboard: What Are F1 … F12 Keys Used For? Increase Productivity Using Function Keys.

Restore Sessions

It is devastating if a browser crashed and all your open tabs are lost. The browse history feature doesn't help because many pages are opened days ago. Luckily, all today's browsers has Restore Session feature that lets you re-open all the tabs in last session. See: Restore Last Session in IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera.

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