Cygwin Essential Install List

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Here's a list of essential Cygwin programs.

the following are not installed by Cygwin by default.

  1. zip
  2. unzip
  3. bzip2 (for “.bz2”)
  4. xz [see Linux: Compression How-to: tar gzip bzip2 xz 7zip rar zip]

  1. openssh (ssh)
  2. ca-certificates (needed for git)

  1. git [see git Tutorial]
  2. subversion [see svn tutorial]
  3. make
  4. patchutils

  1. rsync [see Linux: Sync Across Machines, rsync]
  2. unison 2.27, 2.32, 2.40 [see Unison tutorial]
  3. curl [see wget and curl Tutorial]
  4. wget

  1. aspell [see aspell Tutorial]
  2. aspell english dict [see aspell sucks: Dismal Vocabulary Size]

  1. imagemagick [see ImageMagick Tutorial]
  2. graphicsmagic (imagemagick alternative)
  3. optipng
  4. exif [see exif tutorial]

  1. python [see Python 3 Tutorial]
  2. perl [see Perl by Example]
  3. ocaml [see OCaml Tutorial]
  4. ruby [see Ruby Tutorial]

  1. emacs [see Xah Emacs Tutorial]
  2. vim [see vi tutorial]
  3. ctag (for emacs)

  1. gnupg [see GPG Tutorial]

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