Xah Linux Setup

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This page is my personal Linux setup. I write them down here so i can follow them on new box.

LXDE Desktop and User Interface Tweak

Install lxde desktop. [see Linux: How to Switch to LXDE, Xfce]




Window Theme Preference

xah lxde openbox theme 2017 03 11
Xah LXDE/Openbox theme 2017-03-11

To set up lxde theme

  1. in terminal, run obconf, pick what you like, suppose the theme name is xyz.
  2. open /usr/share/themes/xyz/openbox-3/themerc, edit it. (backup the file first). Or, make a copy of the whole directory, name it as a new theme.
  3. In obconf, use arrow key to switch to the theme to see update right away. (relaunch obconf if you created your own.)
xfce window manager gtk theme
xfce window manager GTK theme year 2012. (no longer available).

[see Linux: Xfce Good Themes]


Install Software

Bash Setup

Linux: Bash Prompt Setup

Emacs Setup

How to Build Emacs on Linux

other optional install

xfce desktop screenshot 2012-10-15
Xah Linux desktop 2012, running xfce.

thanks to xfq https://github.com/xfq/

See also: How to Install Linux on VirtualBox

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