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Spam Text Collection: Unicode-Obfuscated Spam

PHP + MySQL Documentation Redux, 2012

HTML5 Custom Data Attribute


Updated: Learn PHP in one day

JavaScript: DOM Methods

If you are using Opera browser, here's 2 special config. Type them in the URL bar.



HTML/CSS Case Sensitivity (updated)

HTML: Allowed Characters in id Attribute (updated)

How Much You'd Make from Google AdSense

This is my estimate of how much you get from Google AdSense, based on my experience and some web research. Note that the figure could vary a lot.

From search, 1k visits ≈ $2. If from sites like Reddit, 10k ≈ $1.

updated: HTML Basics

Python Tech 2012

revisting a old topic: Micropayment on the Web: It's Only a Matter of Time

Revival: HTML: Marquee, Scrolling Text

YouTube = Porn Fodder? and Larry Sanger Reported me to FBI

Google AdSense Ban on Ancient Sculpture 2012-09-02