Xah Web Dev Blog Archive 2013-03

new. CSS: Radial Gradient

updated. CSS: Linear Gradient

this animated gif says everything about CSS. Humor: CSS Experimental Pain, Window Blind

updated. HTML Form Example

few new articles from my Programing Blog

Tech Humor: Apache vs Node.Js vs Nginx

facelift. JavaScript Tutorial

recently discovered the CSS display:inline-block. It's relatively new. It basically is like float:left but you don't have to worry about side-effects on the rest of the page, such as stopping float by clear:both. For a example of using display:inline-block, see Second Life Screenshot Gallery

updated. Pure CSS Table

updated. CSS: Flowing List

updated. CSS: z-index

Google Plus Logo

Google Reader RIPS

CSS: Text Shadow Examples

revamped my CSS home page design. Xah CSS Tutorial Only half done. More to come. Also updated: CSS Color Names

CSS Shapes

JavaScript App: Unicode Character Info

wrote a JavaScript app. Goto Unicode Emoji 😄, hover your mouse over (or click if you are on tablet). Unicode name and char number will show.

also created the following pages.

CSS: Position Property